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Firefighter McNamara and members of his fire department responded to the scene of a structure fire involving a 2-1/2-story wood balloon frame residential building that contained multiple apartments. Two additional 1-1/2-story buildings were attached to the rear of the main building. Firefighters found a working fire. Firefighter McNamara was assigned as a part of a crew that advanced an attack line into the basement of the structure. After a series of explosions, the firefighters were forced to leave the building. Once outside, a headcount was completed and Firefighter McNamara was discovered missing. Firefighters immediately reentered the basement; they could hear the chirp of Firefighter McNamara’s PASS device but could not reach him due to fire conditions. After the fire was controlled, a rescue team entered the structure and located the body of Firefighter McNamara. The cause of death was listed as smoke and soot inhalation. Firefighter McNamara also suffered facial burns prior to his death. Three other firefighters were injured in the fire; including a deputy chief who suffered severe smoke inhalation during an attempt to rescue Firefighter McNamara. The cause of the fire was identified as the overheating of a power strip and extension cord in the basement.

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