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First I must give a BIG thank you to Engine 52 & Ladder 31 for the great dinner and outstanding hospitality to us. Second a thank you to Chris Palm and the crew at Engine 50 & Ladder 23 for their hospitality and the tray of food sent out to our cars.

Six of us from Mass - Myself, my son Michael, my newphew Ryan, Paul LaRochelle, Alan Brackett and Chris Wilson embarked on our 6 day journey to the busiest firefighting department that we all seem to have come to know.

We went to many fires and met a few new friends along the way. The stories we can tell would take too long to write about. I took about 1400 pics, and narrowed them down to 966. Here are a few to enjoy.

Also, Michael used his skills on the video camera, and should post some of his video's up on youtube very soon.

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