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I spent the day in the City waiting for my afternoon sports shoot for my local newspaper. Box 12-05 went out just as I arrived in Shrewsbury. Knowing my nephew Ryan was working at Ladder 7 and this fire sounded like it was going to be real good I decided to leave the game and take in the fire. Then 2nd alarm was struck as I made my way up 290 back into the City. Shortly after I arrived the 3rd alarm was struck.

Heavy fire conditions on arrival as flames were across the street and companies couldnt pull past the building. Heavy winds caused this to take off again as I arrived. Most of the Ladder 7 pics is Ryan. I did get him opening up with a saw on the roof. He has over 2 years on the job and I had always hoped I could get shots of him working his "1st big job."

I did make it back to my sports match just in time.

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