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Around 1430 hrs Box 3459 was transmitted for a fire at 1977 Dorchester Ave. This 6-story building is just out from Engine 18 Ladder 6's quarters in the Ashmont section of the city. The building was under final stages of construction is a mixed occupancy. 83 unit's/apt's on the floors above commercial.
Engine 18 Ladder 6 first due reported smoke showing from the sixth floor. The building measuring about 200x50 and is irregular shaped. The upper floors were all wood construction and the 5th and 6th floors were slated to be condominiums while floors three and four apartments and 1st and 2nd commercial and office space constructed of steel and concrete.
As Ladder 6 investigated they found heavy smoke on the 6th floor and had difficulty locating the seat of the fire. A 2nd alarm was struck at this time. The fire was up in the cockloft between the roof and sixth floor ceiling. The fire traveled the length of the cockloft but was held there due to the 2 layers of sheet rock. As firefighters reported it being light weight construction and conditions getting worse, Car 8 ordered all firefighters out of the building and go to exterior ops. At this time a 3rd alarm was struck and shortly after a 4 & 5th back to back alarms and finally the 6th alarm was struck. Approximately 125 ff's were on scene.

The fire burned throughout the night and later in the evening foam was brought in to extinguish the hidden pockets of fire. Detail companies rotated throughout the night to move the original fire companies.

Final note: This fire happened on Wednesday and on the following day, the sprinkler testing of the system was to take place and the 1st floor occupants were slated to move in on Friday. All others were expected move in for July 15th. **my apologies my video I transposed two of the numbers. 3459 is the correct Box number not 3549**

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