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These pics were shot by Mikey with his cell phone. He stayed home as I went into Boston about 30 minutes before this fire came in. Good thing he was too tired to go to Boston with me.

This fire was found by an ON duty firefighter that was sitting outside the firehouse and could hear the alarms going off in the building at then end of the street. The firefighter (Vincent Alia E-4) went over to investigate and encountered smoke in the hall way as he had radioed fire alarm to send the box.

At this time he rushed and found an extinguisher and found a mattress fire and attempted to put it out. As the companies came out of the firehouse no smoke was visible right as they pulled up. The fire had gotten up into the 3rd floor with residents still inside ignoring the alarms going off.

The fire remains under investigation.

***Mikey also has GOOD VIDEO*** which will be up on his facebook page LFDtheSeries also on my site shortly.

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