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Took this job in from the 38 Battalion in Brooklyn at 1353hrs. They were getting calls for a fire in a 3 story building in the Bronwsville section of Brooklyn. I ran out from the firehouse and could see a large black column of smoke. <p> The fire was on the roof of a project building 20x40 duplex. Mike&#39;s shots are the bottom 20. The running card looks like this <p> Box 1664 370 Bristol Street - Livonia Ave @ Bristol E283 TL120 L103 E257 Res 2. Bat 44. E 231 10-14 Engine <p> On the 10-75 E252 E257 L170 BC38 Sq 252 <p> call extra engine and truck E227 L176 <p> Div 15 rpts fire in a 3 story 30x40 Brick - Exp 1 Street Exp 2 Street Exp 3 Rear yard Exp 4 same. Location of the fire is on the roof caused by workers. DC 15 has 2 Lines stretched 1 in operation fire is doubtfull. <p> Squad 1 special called and Hamat due to acetelyne tanks on the roof. Fire is darking down, searches on top floor neg:

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