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At 1248 hrs Worcester Fire starting receiving calls for a fire at 5 Forbes Street off of Lincoln Street. First alarm companies Engines 3,8,12,16 Ladders 1, 2 and Rescue 1 and Car 3, and Ladder 7 was the RIT company were first to arrive. Car 3 District Chief Sam Richardson could see the fire coming out of quarters on Grove Street. <p> On arrival heavy fire was coming from the rear of the building. Due to the high winds, exposure C on Orne Street caught fire and exposure D at 9 Forbes Street caught fire. Steep hills and many trees hindered aerial devices but were able to get Ladder 2&#39;s 100 ft aerial up on the A side and a Tower Ladder 3 on Orne Street tightly placed behind a house on the C side. At this time an interior attack was initiated with big lines to the rear of 5 Forbes to protect the exposure buildings and knock down the bulk of the heavy fire. At this point the decision was made to pull all firefighters out and go into a defensive attack. <p> The 2nd alarm was now struck bringing Engines 6,13, Ladder 3 and Car 4 along with the Safety Chief and Special Ops Chief to the fire. Firefighters continued the exterior attack and a 3rd alarm was struck. 3rd alarm companies Engine 4, 11, Ladder 4 arrived on scene then the 4th was struck with Engine 5, 15 to the fire. An off duty shift was called into work to cover reserve companies and the others to the fire for manpower. <p> The Red Cross was called for 5 families that were displaced from the fire. 1 firefighter was transported to UMass for an injury. The fire is under investigation by the arson squad.
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