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Sometime around 2:30 am a fast moving fire quickly destroyed 2 buildings and damaged three others. Firefighters were dispatched to Box 13-1422 for the address of 22 Charlton Street. One of the firehouses (South Divison) located just to the bottom of the fire address firefighters could see the large orange fire before leaving the firehouse. The District Chief struck the 2nd alarm from quarters. On arrival heavy fire conditions and extremely low temperatures and 3 frozen hydrants quickly hampered firefighting efforts. Within 30 minutes of the dispatch the original fire building had collapsed to the ground but had extended into a 2 story building on the b side and also into the 5 story brick 18 unit apartment building on the D side. Residents in the brownstone building were quickly evacuated and taken care of by the Red Cross. At one point it appeared the fire was going to take control of the 5 story building but firefighters made an excellent stop keeping the fire from getting into the top floor. Two other homes opposite the fire building had heat damage to the siding of the houses. 4 alarms were sounded within 30 minutes as the fire was brought under control by 4:00am. The fire building appeared to have been under renovation. The fire is under investigation. 2 firefighters were treated for minor injuries.

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