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This fire came in shorthy after 2000 hrs on the 23rd. FD arrived to find heavy fire conditions at this lumber yard at 496 Purgatory Rd. During the beginning of the fire, it was torrential downpour of rain. Here at home, it was snowing and sleeting which there was no way I was taking in this job. FD arrived with at least 2 buildings well involved and then a 3rd. Heavy fire and explosions continued over the course of many hours as this fire went into the entire night.
Now on the 24th, I took it in to check out the devastation caused by the fire. Numerous Fire Departments were still arriving on scene. The fire as I know via the radio was listed as a 3rd alarm, but due to the amount of mutual aid from surrounding depts, and the tanker task forces that were called due to the lack of hydrants in the area it's probably going to be listed General Alarm plus.
I was told there was at least 700 cords of wood in the lost buildings. Hopefully the business can rebuild.

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