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Shirley Fire Capt. Joe Hawthorne a 33 year veteran of the Department was awakened by his pager for a fire in town. As he got dressed to leave his house, he heard on the radio that someone was trapped inside the burning apartments at 18 Phoenix St., not very far from his home. Hawthorne went straight to the fire without his gear about 2:08 a.m. As Hawthorne arrived he found the front of four condominiums engulfed in flames. Also arriving on scene were two Police officers.They were told by some of the other occupants of the home that someone was trapped inside on the 2nd floor. The three were unable to make entry into the front of the building so they went around the back and up the stairs. The Police Officers remained on the stairs as Hawthorne crawled in. Without any personal protective gear and conditions deteriorating quickly, he crawled around and heard the screams of the trapped woman. The sounds of the woman yelling aided him in finding her. The heat was becoming very intense as he made his way into her room found her on the floor and dragged her out. The Police Officers then assisted him in getting her out where they put snow on her burns until medical crews arrived. As firefighters arrived on scene the 46-year-old woman was transported to Health Alliance Leominster Hospital and then transported to Mass General Hospital in Boston to the burn center with 70% burns to her body. Mutual aid was called to the fire with Leominster, Ayer and Devens with Engines to the fire. It took about two hours to bring the fire under control. The building suffered severe damage and deemed a total loss. The home was once a small mill house which had been covered over to a 4 unit home. Nice job Joe -
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