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At 0347 am a Box 524 was struck for a building fire at 169 Elm St. As companies left the firehouses the obvious glow in the sky was a pretty good indication they were going to work. On arrival of C-2 a working fire and immediately the 2nd was going out. The fire was completely engulfing 2 buildings in a 5-building interconnected apartment complex under construction. News has it the building was a $44 million dollar project and just about 90 percent finished.
Due to the windy and warm conditions the fire was fast moving through this light weight constructed building with embers reported to be at times softball size, spread throughout the city starting some minor fires such as dumpsters and a porch fire. Firefighters had to evacuate an elderly highrise and then using a ladder pipe up and over to control the spread of the fire. With mutual aid from surrounding towns and cities the 8-alarm fire was equivalent to 10 alarms with the special calls.
On another note OUTSTANDING job by the Waltham Firefighters and other mutual companies in stopping this blaze in very intense conditions .

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