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This 112-year-old 300 square foot mill caught fire had been in for about 1 hour prior to me hearing the news about it. The old Alice Mill Rubber Manufacturing Plant, a fixture in the city since the late 1800s, is owned by Woonsocket American Wood Pellet Co., which was planning to use part of the space to manufacture wood pellets and lease the rest to other companies moving into the area. Alice Mill was built in 1889 by Woonsocket Rubber Company, in its day the leading importer of raw rubber into the U.S., according to histories about Woonsocket. At the height of its operation, the factory was the largest rubber goods factory in the world, employing 2,000 people. The Mill closed in 1932 during the Great Depression and reopened in 1941 to help the war effort. All of the 125 man Woonsocket Fire Dept worked the fire with nearby Departments in Rhode Island and Massachusetts helping out.

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