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Here is a gallery of photos from most of the action we saw in the City. Once again we saw Detroit Firefighters at there best doing more than I have ever seen any Department do. They do what they do and very good at it.<p>Once again to the firefighters who treated us as guests of their City and to Engine 52 and Ladder 31 for their hospitality, myself and Paul Laorchelle and Alan Brackett thank you.<p>Once again be safe.
Detriot2011 794.JPGDetriot2011 796.JPGDetriot2011 800.JPGHpark08.jpgQuinn00.jpgVernon02.jpgBellevue080.jpgDetriot2011 802.JPGBellevue084.jpgVernon09.jpgHpark10.jpgDetriot2011 803.JPGDetriot2011 807.JPGDetriot2011 809.JPGBellevue088.jpgVernon14.jpgDetriot2011 811.JPGBellevue090.jpgVernon16.jpgHpark14.jpg

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