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Shortly after 11:00pm Box 3429 was struck for a building fire at 12 Stanton St between Norfolk and Evans Street in Dorchester. On arrival, Engine 16 reported smoke showing. Companies arrived on scene and firefighters started stretching lines and placing ground ladders to this large 2 1/2 story home. The fire was up on the 2nd floor and attic space in the rear. At this time Car 8 struck the 2nd alarm as the companies made an aggressive interior attack. The fire was knocked down and brought under control in about 45 minutes. The cause of the fire is unknown. Box 3429 Engine 16,18,21,52 Ladders 6 and 29 Rescue 2 - District 8. 2nd Alarm companies Engines 24,20,17, 21 (being put to work) Ladders 23,7 and Tower Ladder 10 Engine 37 RIT

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