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Structure fire at the Blackstone Heritage Park Visitors Center at 35 Tobias Boland Way. As I approached Rt 146 on I 290 a large loom up was visible. Going down Rt 146 I could see heavy fire venting from the windows. I arrived just as the 2nd alarm was being struck. The fire moved to the rear of the building along the RR tracks as firefighters were able to keep it in the center of the complex from without it getting into the side wings. The building was approximately 300x75 - 2 story in the middle and 1 story on the wings. 1st alarm at 1524 hrs Box 15-11 was struck sending Engines 15, 2, 12, 13 and 15 with Ladders 3, 5, Rescue 1, Car 4 and Ladder 7 as the R.I.T At 1529 hrs. 2nd alarm was struck Engines 4, 5, and Ladder 4 and Car 3 special call Ladder 1 as Ladder 7 was put to work. 3rd alarm was called at 1542 hrs. Engines 6, 16 and Ladder 6 special call for Ladder 2 as called as Ladder 1 was now put to work. All of the departments ladders were at the scene. 6 out of 7 were put to work.

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